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    Is Gillian to dated or boring?

    We love the name especially

    Gillian Louisa
    Gillian Katrina
    Gillian Fiona

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    No Gillian is one of my favorite names. I love this name! My favorite middle is Fiona.

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    It's not my style, but I don't see it as either dated or boring. I like Gillian Fiona.

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    Gillian Fiona is beautiful!

    Though I most definitely prefer the jill-ian pronunciation than the gill-ian pronunciation that some people use.
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    I like it! I say it like Jill-ee-en (Jillian) pronunciation. I think I like Louisa best in the middle, Katrina actually sounds a bit better but I think of the hurricane, Fiona sounds very nice but I just like a bit of juxtaposition instead of two similar themes next to each other, in this case Irish name + Irish name. I think something dissimilar is more interesting.

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