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    A girly, feminine name to go with Amaré Elyse


    My daughter is Amaré Elyse. I'm pregnant now--16 weeks--and will (hopefully) found out baby's sex in about 3 weeks. I just posted on the boys' forum because our top contenders for boys are: 1) Marcellus Job and/or Job Marcellus (to be called Joby) or 2) Marcellus Crewe.

    Amaré is the Latin word for Beloved (we pronounce it Amma-RAY), and so we'd like to keep up the Latin theme, if we had a boy (Marcellus means Young Warrior in Latin). It is also a variation of a dear family member's name who has passed.

    For a girl, though, I'm more stumped. I love Carys (spelled this way because in Welsh it means "love"), because I think the names Amaré & Carys are so pretty & feminine together. Also, I like having Beloved and Love as the meanings of 2 girls names. But... I don't know what MN goes best. I have many options...and even ONE contender as being the first name, instead (Naomi).

    Please tell me what you like best:
    1) Carys Naomi
    2) Naomi Carys
    3) Carys Wynne (Wynne = pure/fair/blessed in Welsh)
    4) Carys Soleil
    5) Carys Elodie

    Not a big fan of the Olivia, Emma, Sophia, Ella/Ellie/Belle/Bella, etc names.

    Suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    great suggestions! Carys Elena was actually on my original list. Back on! Thanks.

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    Carys Elena is my absolute favorite from your list!! It is gorgeous!!!
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    I like Carys Naomi. Or Noemi even better.
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