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    Would you pick up on this connection?

    My name is Samantha but one name we like for a girl is Tabitha would you pick up on the bewitched connection? Tabitha was Samantha's daughter on bewitched

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    I might think it casually, but it would be a passing thought at best.

    Now just so you don't have a Darrin and a Eudora in the family, I don't think it should hinder you.
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    Yes, but in the best possible way! I actually think its really awesome...
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    I made the connection as well. I wouldn't mind it as far as the show goes. I'm just not a huge fan of Tabitha for other reasons. But I doubt the show would make anyone think anything bad about it.

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    I think it would be hardly noticed by the younger set. The show has been gone a long time. I really liked the show when I was a kid. When I hear Tabitha now days I think of the hairdresser that whips everyone into line
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