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    I have a cousin called Ashley (Doesn't like Ash). He is 17 in November, and is training to be a policeman. Also he's gay. - I agree with Dindlee people have never said anything about him having a girls name.

    I also know Ashlei and Ashleigh - both girls.

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    I love Ashley as a man's name. I don't care for it on a woman and find it quite dated. It's a "mom name" now anyway, so very probably any little boy born Ashley today won't know many if any female Ashleys. Asher is a nice alternative but I don't find it as gallant as Ashley i.e. Gone with the Wind.
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    I love it for a boy and it's time to start claiming it back!

    Lets face it, Ashley sounds tired on a girl, but on a boy it's exciting and fresh (in the US that is).
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    I love Ashley for a boy, but think it's dated and boring for a girl. It's a shame that the society we live in views it as unaceptable for a boy just because it is popular with girls. It's a silly and old fashioned belief, but one that we will be stuck with at least the time being. However I think the only way to challenge this mind set is to go agaisnt it and use names that are considered 'girly'. If all else makes sure he has a strong, all male mn to fall back on, like.... oh wait there doesn't seem to be any left.
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