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Thread: Luke Elliot??

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    Very handsome, but I would prefer Elliot Luke.

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    Yes, I like the flow of Elliot Luke, but I think we have decided on Luke as the first name if baby is a boy... and while Elliot derives from Elijah, it is not in the Bible, and it is important to us that at least his first name be a Biblical name...
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    I prefer Luke Elliot to Elliot Luke - the flow is much nicer. I also don't think he would mind the LEE initials - very cool!
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    Luke is one of my favorite Biblical names as it has a strong masculine sound. Luke Elliot flows well to my ears. I see no problem with LEE initials.
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    I think it is a nice combination. The repeating L sound doesn't bother me. (I am biased about Luke though...)
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