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    Avalon, Aveline, Avangeline, and so on... Help!

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, and I'm hopeing you all can help me out with a dilemma I'm having involving the name of my future daughter...
    Ava is a family name on both mine, and my husbands side, and definitely a name we want to honor.
    The big BUT we are having, is that the popularity really is a turn off for us.
    We know that we want Ava to be a nick-name, and both grandmothers have made it clear that she will be an Ava to them, but my husband and I really want a name that won't be one of five in a classroom.
    Here is what we've come up with, and we really like them all, so your opinions will really weigh heavy in our decision...

    Aveline/Avaline- what are your preferable pronunciations?... also Avaleen is cute too.

    And, being irish myself, Aoife is a favorite I'm also considering... I also don't mind a double first name, so suggestions are definitely welcome for that!

    Thanks for your help! Please opinionize and suggest away!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I think Aoife is lovely, but I really don't see how you'd get from EE-fah to AY-vah? If she just went by the sound of Ava, but the spelling of Aoife, I think people who know how Aoife is pronounced would be confused, and those who don't will go around thinking Aoife is pronounced like Ava. I think Aoife's lovely, but if she's going to go by Ava I don't think it's a very realistic option, if that makes sense--plus, Aoife and Ava are just too close. Why not Aoibhe if you want the Irish form? Much less known (although I think it'd be more of a headache than you or your daughter wants) but it'd nicely honor Irish heritage.

    I adore Evangeline, but I think it's hard to get Ava from it, and I wouldn't misspell Evangeline just to get to Ava. I feel like I shouldn't go near Avalon, since the Arthurian legend was never something I really got into--I love literature and literary names, but I feel like in most cases you should have at least some tie to the name.

    That leaves Aveline (I say ah-veh-leen) for me, which I think is lovely. It's quite obscure and still gives you Ava quite easily. My best friend had a daughter named Avelaine, too, which I think is just lovely, and even more obscure. Her daughter goes by Lainey if a nn at all, but I think Ava is just as lovely (if not moreso). There's also the Hebrew Eliava, which I think is hauntingly beautiful.

    Good luck!
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    Avalon is super cute and spunky.
    I love Aveline. I wouldn't change the spelling of it. The French pronunciation is Av - as in avenue - uh leen, so it isn't like Ava at all.
    Then again, neither is Avalon...
    Avangeline is just awful, sorry.
    Names you might like: Avonlea, Aviana, Avalena, Avanna, Avalyn.
    I know a Evalena - ev as in Evan, not like Eve. So I think Avalena (Ava-leen-ah) could totally work.
    Personally, if her nickname is going to be Ava, I would go with Aviana.

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    Aveline is my favourite of the three (it a French name so I pronounce it "av-uh-LEEN"). Avalon comes in a distant second place (this isn't pronounced the same as Ava either). I don't like the misspelling Avangeline for the gorgeous Evangeline at all. I love Aoife but it has a different pronunciation than Ava.
    All the best,

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    Definitely Aveline for me. I love Evangeline but seriously dislike Avangeline, sorry! Avalon is cute too.

    ps: I second Avonlea and Avalyn.
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