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Thread: Eloise!

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    What do you think of that name?

    Also I need two middle name to pare it

    Thanks in advance!

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    I love it!!! I think it's pretty and under-used, but it's not overly frilly.

    I'm considering it for our daughter (due in July) and the middle name would likely be Valerie or Lisa for family reasons - not because we think it sounds great!

    Eloise also has lots of nickname potential, if that interests you.

    It's a good choice!

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    Eloise is really pretty, I think it's a great choice! Hmmm... some combos you may like:

    Eloise Iris
    Eloise Catherine
    Eloise Marie
    Eloise Adeline
    Eloise Margaret

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    My daughters name is Eloise!
    Eloise Anne Claire Thibert... Obviously i love the name, and it fits her perfectly.
    She has black hair, big blue eyes, and fair skin... very snow white.
    She couldn't be sweeter, and I definitely suggest the name any chance I can.

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    I love it! It might sound a little extravagant but I think that's a good reason to use it. I especially love it with the nicknames Elsie and Lou. What about;

    Eloise Caroline
    Eloise Margaret
    Eloise Helena
    Eloise Vesper
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