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    Which first and middle name out of these 3 choices?

    For a baby boy:

    Landon Parker

    Landon Rhys

    Parker Rhys

    Which is your favorite? Least favorite?



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    Landon Parker gets my vote

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    Neither first name is my style but I prefer Landon as a first name. I think the Landon Rhys combo flows the best. Parker sounds like "park her" to me. Landon Parker is strange combo - Land and Park?
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    For a baby boy:

    Landon Parker- Landon's ok... not really my style, and I'd prefer something like Landon Reid, but Landon Parker is ok. This is my fav of the options.

    Landon Rhys- 2nd least favourite... It will slur to become Landon Rhysmith.

    Parker Rhys- Least favourite... It will slur to become Parkereesmith.

    Assuming your surname is Smith (as in your name on here), I'd avoid names ending with S and Th. If you go with Landon, don't pair it with names that start or end with an N, or end with an S or Th. If you go with Parker, avoid names that start or end with an R, or end with an S or Th.
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    I would say Landon Parker or Landon Rhys. Parker Rhys the r's kind of run into each other. I love Rhys as a middle tho so Landon Rhys gets my final vote.
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