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    I don't think those names sound too "British" at all! I suppose Rufus is unexpected, but there have been American TV characters by that name more recently, so I don't think it'd be too odd. I think Lilla, Vivienne, and Jasper sound PERFECT together! Simon and Graham are awesome, too. I also think Elinor or Scarlett would be great (Charlotte, too, but I personally feel a little bored by it) with Lilla and Vivienne!

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    They are not too British!
    Well, maybe Rufus.
    The British love the cutesy nicknamey names like Alfie, Archie, Harry, Freddie and Frankie.
    I love your combo of Jasper Rhys! August is one of my faves!
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    I don't find them too British, especially Jasper and Simon. I like Simon best with your girls names. Maybe Simon Oliver or Simon Henry or even Simon Graham, sound less "British" then Jules.

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    Jasper Rhys is wonderful and not too British. Neither is Simon really; I'm just blown away by Jasper, I like it a lot.

    August is a classic that has never been OFF the US Top Thousand. I love it and its very usable.

    Oliver feels British/Commonwealths to me but Henry doesn't. NN Hank especially is very USA.

    Dominic is a nice one; classy in Britain, familiar in the US. Patrick is a classic that won't raise eyebrows.

    Would consider Reuben over Rufus for versatility.

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    No Oliver or Henry I just can't get over the popularity. Simon is off the list as well because I don't like that it has the same ending as Vivienne. I think Jasper and Graham sound best with Lilla and Vivienne so they are the front runners for slot number 3, but if we have a girl first it's a toss up between Rufus, Jasper, Graham and August. I think part of my hesitation with Jasper is that we know a baby Jasper and the twilight series character, but I love Jasper Rhys and I think Lilla, Vivienne and Jasper is fantastic. Lilla, Vivienne and Graham is good. I think if we went with Graham we would use August for a brother. If we went with Jasper it could go between Rufus or Graham.
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