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    Opinions on Eleanora?

    What do you think of the name Eleanora? Is it too much ?

    Honest opinions please =)

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    I prefer Eleanor or Elinor. I don't think the a on the end adds much to the name.
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    Eleonora is the most common spelling here in Denmark and I think I prefer that over Eleanora.
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    I think it's a bit too "frilly". I like Eleanor, Lenore, or Lenora better.

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    I really like Eleanora. I like how it sounds, and the various nicknames you can choose. Ellen, Nora, Noor, Ellie, Ella, Noorie.... I don't think its too frilly and its a good way to honor someone in your family if you have an Ellen, an Eleanor, an Eleni, or something like that. I like it. I personally think that Eleanor is kind of old sounding, but maybe that's because I'm a teen and I know older people named Eleanor.
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