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Thread: Dorothy!

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    Dec 2011
    Dorothy was my great grandmother's name and the name of a co-worker that I really like. I also had a friend named Dorothy in high school. I thought it was refreshing. We sometimes called her Dot.
    Dorothy reminds me of The Wizard of Oz but also the Golden Girl. I prefer Dorothea to get the nn Thea.
    There are lots of nicknames for Dorothy.
    Dot, Dottie, Dory, Dodie, Dolly, Do

    I love your combo of Dorothy Charlotte Louise!!

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    May 2013
    Dorothy is really started to grow on me!

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    I don't get the love that Dorothy gets on here. I still see it as a really old not classic name. I would feel so sorry for a little Dorothy having that clunker around the lovely frilly vintage names that are so popular now. I would hate being a Dorothy.

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    My cousin named her daughter that. They call her Dory or Dot/Dotty for short, which I like better. I knew an 85 year old named Dorothy (friend's grandma) so I can't shake the image of an old lady. When I first heard that name I thought they were joking, then I thought why?!?! of all the beutiful names out there you pickled that one?

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    I love it!
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