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  • Amelia Kathleen Gross

    21 35.59%
  • Annabelle Kathleen Gross

    15 25.42%
  • Amelia Louise Gross

    12 20.34%
  • Annabelle Louise Gross

    11 18.64%
  • Amelia Renee Gross

    12 20.34%
  • Annabelle Renee Gross

    10 16.95%
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    Which baby girl name do you prefer?

    Hubby and I both like Annabelle and Amelia (Maybe Millie for nn). Which combo do you prefer? Kathleen is my MN, Renee is my mother's MN, and Louise is my MIL's MN. thanks!

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    I love Amelia and nn Millie! It's so adorable for a baby girl...but also respectable as an adult.
    In terms of a middle name...both go well...but I prefer Renee. Amelia Renee Gross is easy to articulate.
    Good luck!

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    Under normal circumtances, I'll choose Annabelle because, well, it's on my list. I'm biased. But with your middle names choice, I think I'd pick Amelia. Amelia Kathleen.
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    Annabelle Kathleen!

    I slightly prefer Annabelle to Amelia, as I think Amelia is getting a bit more popular/trendier - although it's still a lovely choice.

    Renee and Louise seem like "filler" middles, although if they're family names, that shouldn't matter. But Kathleen has a fresh feel as a middle name, and I just generally like it better.

    I don't think any of your choices are bad, though.
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    Amelia Kathleen! I love both those names.

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