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    Lightbulb Finally decided...

    Hello everyone,
    Sorry for all these threads but I wanted to update you all and say thanks so much for your help. We have decided to name our third son, Declan Jack. Declan because both my husband and I like the nickname "Dec" and we thought the flow sounded best. The name will fit nicely with our other two sons' names as well. Jack is a family name. We are ecstatic and cannot wait to welcome another little boy into our family and make us a family of 5! Best of luck to all of you out there. Thanks again!
    Proud mommy to Miller Grey & Bennett Reed

    Expecting baby boy #3 to be named Declan Jack

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    I love Declan, I think it goes well with Miller and Bennett as well! Excellent choice.
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    Great pick! Declan Jack is very handsome and sounds fantastic with brothers Miller and Bennett (love Bennett by the way!).

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    Declan Jack is a spunky combo. Miller, Bennett and Declan go well together! Now Mama, relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
    All the best,

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