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    Hazel and Jack are having a little brother!

    Here's our list so far of names... anything you think really DOESN'T go, or anything you think should be added?

    Baby #3's middle name will be Donald, last name is Lundy.


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    I wouldn't use Hank, Harrison, Henry or James because of the repeating initial letter. If that doesn't bother you it think Hank Donald Lundy is adorable and would be a great little brother to Hazel and Jack, you could also use Henry with the nickname Hank. I would also stick to short names so no to Elias and Harrison, I also feel like these don't match with the style of Jack and Hazel. I wouldn't use Dylan Donald the double d sounds off to me, same with Reid Donald and Wade Donald. I'm also not a fan of Louis Lundy and Luke Lundy because of the alliteration with your last name. Hank and Frank end with the same hard sound as Jack which will bother some people, but in this case I really like it.

    One Syllable
    Cliff Donald Lundy
    Finn Donald Lundy
    Frank Donald Lundy
    Hank Donald Lundy

    Max Donald Lundy – Sound like Mac Donald
    Sam Donald Lundy
    West Donald Lundy

    Two Syllable
    Eli Donald Lundy
    Henry Donald Lundy
    Miles Donald Lundy
    Noah Donald Lundy
    Owen Donald Lundy
    Walker Donald Lundy
    Warren Donald Lundy

    I prefer the 1-2-2 flow to the 2-2-2 flow.

    My Favorites
    Hazel, Jack and Cliff
    Hazel, Jack and Frank
    Hazel, Jack and Hank

    if you prefer the 2-2-2
    Hazel, Jack and Owen
    Hazel, Jack and Henry
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    I also wouldn't use Hank, Harrison, Henry or James because of the repeated first letter with Hazel and Jack.

    I don't think Cliff, Eli, Elias, Frank, Luke (ending is too similar to Jack's), Max (same as Luke), Reid, Sam, Wade, Walker, Warren or West would make a good sib-set with Hazel and Jack because they don't really have the same kind of feel to them.

    So that leaves Finn, Louis/Lewis, Miles, Noah and Owen.
    Hazel, Jack and Finn - I wouldn't use this because there are two extremely popular twins on YouTube called Jack and Finn.
    Hazel, Jack and Louis/Lewis - Would you be pronouncing Louis like Loo-ee and Lewis like Lew-is or would they both be Lew-is? I personally think that Lewis would fit better in the sib-set.
    Hazel, Jack and Miles
    Hazel, Jack and Noah
    Hazel, Jack and Owen

    I really think all of these are lovely but my favourites are Hazel, Jack and Lewis and Hazel, Jack and Miles.

    Good luck!

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    I really like Henry, Luke, Miles, and Noah. But I guess Luke Lundy wouldn't really work. Is the middle name Donald a family name or a name set in stone? I don't think I like ______ Donald Lundy. Maybe you could use Donovan instead of Donald.

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    Donald was DH's father who passed away really suddenly last year. I agree that it's VERY difficult to pair with as a middle name, but I'm pretty committed to it.

    Thanks for the suggestions and the in depth thought in your responses!

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