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Thread: Eternity!

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    So if you hadn't realize yet I have a thing with virtue names!! So my new virtue crush is Eternity!

    Do you think it's usable?
    She will get teased a lot?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think anyone in the 25+ age group in the US will immediately think of the Calvin Klein fragrance and it's TV ads. I can still hear the model saying it, "Eternity, by Calvin Klein"

    Aside from that I think it's a lot of Serenity, Trinity, Destiny...the virtue names that feel far from Puritanical. NMS but they do feel more current-day than Constance or Honor.

    Eternity stands out. And it could end in teasing for a girl that- takes a long time getting ready, takes a long time to get to the point when telling a story, is always late, ect. Any way she might take an eternity.

    Maybe you would like Ever?

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    I'm not a big virtue name word name lover, (like what if that person named Patience isn't patient), but besides that... I think that Eternity is too out there. I think that a child named Eternity would get teased (Eternity takes an eternity to get ready) and I couldn't picture it on an older person. I think of it as would you like your name to be Eternity? I surely wouldn't. I agree with Taz, Ever sounds more modern and trendy but still usable. The only word name I like for girls is Reverie (a GP of mine) so how about that?
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    Ever is very pretty!

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    I ADORE Reverie for a girl and Revere for a boy!

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