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    I think Lexie is adorable as a nickname, but for Alexis, Alexa, Alexandra, or something other than Lexington. Lexington is a city name to me.
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    Sorry, I think they are horrific. How much trendy/masculine can you get?

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    Sounds to much like your giving directions... Meet you at the corner of Kensington and Lexington... I do like Kensington tho.
    I love Lennox with Kensington together!

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    The names are okay on their own, but definitely not for twins. They both end in "ington" and they are so similar.

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    It's a cute idea maybe for story characters, but for real kids I couldn't picture actually calling them by their full names, so there wouldn't be much of a point. But they're not bad in my opinion, just not ideal.

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