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    Cecily is a name that has been growing on me recently. I really like it.

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    I like Cecily way more than Cecilia. I think it is a lovely choice. Cecily Raven is great!

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    I prefer Celeste, but Cecily does sound nice with your sibset.
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    I like it. I love Adelise, and Adelise and Cecily are really sweet together. And CC/Ceci is really cute. Plus, the connection to The Importance of Being Earnest is pretty awesome, imo.
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    Cecily is great. And lovely with sister's name. My issue is with the middle name... Somehow the two-syllabled middle and last together remind me of
    Sascha Baron Cohen. Raven Baron is too rhymey-boxy imo. Though Adelise's middle ends in N as well, Rain Baron is much less rhymey.
    I like the idea of Raven. What is it that you enjoy about Raven? The V? The darkness it brings to the name? Some other V-names:

    Cecily Vera Baron
    Cecily Vita Baron
    Cecily Valora Baron
    Cecily Verbena Baron
    Cecily Maeve Baron
    Cecily Octavia Baron
    Cecily Elva Baron
    Cecily Olive Baron
    Cecily Tove Baron
    Cecily Rivka Baron

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