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    Can't go wrong with either Isabella Renee or Eleanor Renee; they're both lovely options. I really like the suggestion of Willa Renee, too.
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    All I can think of is Isabella Swan and Renesmee. Sorry, but I see Twilight in Isabella Renee Snow. My vote goes to Rowan, because Rowan Snow seems like some famous author's name, very literary chic. (please vote!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    Isabella Renee Snow makes me think Twilight. Isabella Swan is not that far off from Isabella Snow, and Renee was her mom's name in the book. So that makes it a huge no for me.
    Oh, this is definitely something to consider. I completely forgot about the Renee/Twilight association.

    I switch my vote to Eleanor Renee Snow, lol.

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    I have never seen/read Twilight so good to know!!

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    I think Rowan is best suited on a girl, I love it. Sounds too girlie for a boy to me.

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