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    I think Orchid Aurora and Delilah June are an absolutely stunning sibset!!

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    Yeah... I don't like Orchid at all.... I guess middle name would work. Delilah is Way way better.. It's a mouth full to say... Sorry

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    I like it as a combo, but not sure about Orchid itself. I prefer Delilah June over Orchid Aurora. But prefer Aurora Orchid over Delilah June.
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    Ooh. I like it. Prefer Orchid Aurora to the same names reversed. And I've long crushed on Delilah but it does seem to be getting popular (same happened to me with the name Mila).
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    Georgia O'Keeffe painted orchids as a metaphor for the female anatomy. It would be really awful for me to think anyone was thinking of my daughter's genitals while saying her name. Just my opinion.

    The actual sound of Orchid Aurora is pretty, but I can't get past the imagery.
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