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    I prefer Delilah June, but you love what you love!
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    Orchid Aurora is a little heavy on O's but, beautiful names overall.
    Theodore Arthur

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    I like it. I have a soft spot for Orchid in the middle. It's uncommon but easily pronounced by most people and it's a rather intuitive spelling. Would it take some getting used to for others? Yeah, but that doesn't really matter if you truly love a name.

    Orchid Aurora is fantastic.

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    I love Aurora and I love orchids I just don't like Orchid as a name. I think it lacks a bit of music.
    Aurora Orchid however would be great.

    I am however super psyched for you that he likes it. (Much more important than my opinion!) It's great that you found someone who has a bit of an adventurous side to him that matches yours.
    newlywed!!! (not trying...yet)

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    Orchid Aurora is definitely unique and vowel heavy, which I love.

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