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    Hmm...I like all of the names you've chosen, but I also have some issue with all of them.

    Orchid is, for me personally, a bit hard to say/harsh sounding. I do like it, as a name, but I stumble over it a bit, and I think the -id ending combined with the hard ch sound makes it sound...not feminine? I'm not sure exactly. It makes me think of things like Orkin or Arachnid. Yet I still like it, so the associations aren't very strong. It could be a little vulgar, as well.

    Delilah is a lovely name, but I think it might be a bit trendy, and the associations aren't that great either. It's got a more appealing sound to me, but Orchid is more unusual and timeless.

    I love both Aurora and June, but I know some people have difficulty with the Rs in Aurora. Combined with Orchid, it might be difficult to say, and it's got a lot of harsh R sounds. Orchid June flows better, IMO - but might be too flowery/naturey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    I much prefer Delilah June. Sorry, but I think Orchid is a bit vulgar(not trying to be rude) and too obviously flower-y. Maybe Aurora Orchid?
    My thoughts exactly.
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    I think Orchid Aurora is stunning. If you are open for suggestions there's Dahlia June, Aurora Orchid, Orchid June, Dahlia Aurora June...
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    I was going to say Aurora Orchid as it sounds much better with Delilah June.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    My thoughts exactly.
    I agree on this also. I know a Delilah May she's nearly 1.

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