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    Help with a middle name please!

    Hi me and my husband wants our kids to have some-what of a not ordinary name. So far we came up with
    Naomi Adams
    but we cant figure out a middle name. Please help us!.(:

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    Naomi is very sweet! Here are a few unusual-but not out there- name ideas!

    Naomi Evangeline Adams
    Naomi Seraphina Adams
    Naomi Anais Adams
    Naomi Augustina Adams
    Naomi Thisbe Adams
    Naomi Bronte Adams
    Naomi Plum Adams
    Naomi Ambrosia Adams
    Naomi Elizabella Adams
    Naomi Celestia Adams
    Naomi Clementina Adams
    Naomi Finola Adams

    I hope you find something you like! Best of luck!

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