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    Middle Name For Callen

    Our boys list is looking great! Here is what we have-

    Liam Parker
    Merrick Thomas
    Rhett Maverick

    The only name we have that we don't know what to do with is Callen! We both really love it but can be for the life of us find a good middle name! We don't wnt anything overly classic paired with it. But nothing totally out there either! Some names we like but that we don't like paired with Callen...

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    It seems like you like surnames in the middle so if none of these stick out to you find a blog post or list on this website! (I know they have one )

    Callen Nichol
    Callen Chase
    Callen Jeppson
    Callen Mitchell
    Callen Duncan
    Callen Redden
    Callen Ford
    Callen Wilder
    Callen Lincoln
    Callen Hardy
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    Oooh, I love Callen McCoy. My son's middle name is McCabe, which is DH's mom's maiden. I love how jaunty the "Mc-something" sounds in the middle spot.
    **Proud mama to Owen McCabe and Eloise Mairead aka "Lola Mae" **

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    I love Callen Wilder! But hubby isn't crazy about Callen! Maybe I can convince him though! I personally like Callen McCoy buy hubby thinks there are too many hard c sounds.

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    I have suggested this before, but Callen Thomas is my favorite combination.

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