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    Minus my own children's names which I still adore as much as the day that we chose them, I really love:

    Novella Rue
    Halycon Winter
    Delphina Kate

    Dashiell Sailor
    Maxim Leander
    Everest Oliver (Or Everett Oliver)
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    A few that I've found stunning on the forums:

    Tuesday Amelia
    Phoebe Amaryllis
    Gwendolyn Echo
    Ariadne Virginia

    My favorite of my own combos is Ismay Aviva Lenore. I'm also fond of Rosalind Athena and Cosima Belphoebe Ariel.
    g w e n

    Beatrix Odette Coraline Celia
    Jett Zephyr Prosper Emrys

    Viola Belphoebe Esmé Leocadia Cosima Vale Cleo Iphigenia
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Emmett Orlando Kieran August

    Sancia Blue ⋆ Saffron Emilia ⋆ Ada Chrysanthemum ⋆ Opal Isadora ⋆ Celia Belle ⋆ Mars Auberon
    v o t e

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    The most stunning birth announcement I've seen on NB was Ruth Temperence. LOVE! I think from my own creations, the combo I find the most "stunning" would be Iris Magdalene.
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    Saved for Later:
    Rosemary, Susannah, Nazareth, Georgia, Theodora, Fawn
    Ignatius, Ulysses, Thaddeus, Laszlo, Woodrow, Leopold

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    I remember awhile back I saw the name combo a Berry had come up with, Cordelia Ivy. Normally neither of these names are really my style, but for some reason this combination just struck me as amazing. Truly stunning.
    And I'm totally with the last poster on Ruth Temperence. When I saw that one I was so pleased. So different, yet totally accessible. Stunning.
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    Anna Beatrice
    I even would consider Anna-Beatrice cause I love it spoken together.
    Naomi Frances

    John Joseph
    Francis Beauregard

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