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    I know a very sweet, fun Amber. But my first impression will be the Clueless character, the 80's, and, yes, strippers (not that there is anything wrong with strippers). Are there any Amber variants? I can objectively say that Amber is very lovely. Maybe Ember if you are a bit more adventurous?

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    I love Amber the resin, have a great friend with the name, but still can't shake the stripper etc. feel to it. Sorry!

    Juliet on the other hand is completely opposite. Juliet Amber is much better IMHO.
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    Yeah... my impression of Amber is cheerleader born in 1985.

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    First thought was 1980's, not the sharpest pencil in the box.
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    First honest impressions:

    Low Class

    Even though, honestly, I like the name. It's just too bad about the bad connotations....
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