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    Lorelei would be my first choice and Caroline my second choice. Rory is too harsh with you last name and the others are likely to be shortened.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    If you want to go down the classic and traditional route...choose Caroline Rush

    If you're feeling a little more daring and adventurous...go for Lorelei Rush (my fave)

    My third choice would be Elizabeth Rush.

    The one that should be eliminated is Rory Rush (cartoony). I love Catherine but the "r" in it doesn't flow well with your surname.
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    Catherine, without a doubt. You have great names on your list, but Catherine is so classic and underrated. I much prefer the "C" spelling, too.

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    Lorelei Rush is awesome! My second pick would be Caroline, followed by Elizabeth.

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    I like alliterative names (sometimes), but with the two r's in Rory it doesn't work. Something like Ramona Rush would be better.

    My vote would be for Lorelei because it is the least common and adds some spunk to a plain last name.
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