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Thread: Lucy vs. Louisa

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    Lucy vs. Louisa

    Does Lucy Charlotte or Louisa Charlotte sound better? If we named the baby Louisa it may get the nn Lucy or it may not. Our first, Annabelle, was supposed to be nn Anna, but she goes by the full Annabelle so far.

    Ps- I tend to pronounce Louisa "loo-ee-sa" vs "loo-ee-za"
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    Louisa Charlotte goes better with Annabelle Rose
    PS I also prefer Loo -ee -sa as the pronunciation
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    Pronunciation depends on the spelling of the name Louisa.

    Louisa = loo-EEZ-uh
    Luisa = loo-EES-uh

    Neither name is ideal with Charlotte (z and s sounds) but I think the way each name sounds with your surname is more important. Which first name sounds better? With Annabelle, I prefer the more girlish Lucy.
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    My pronunciation of Louisa oscillates between voiced and unvoiced, but I lean toward loo-EES-uh.

    I really love Lucy, but Louisa has something special, imo, and flows better with Charlotte both stylistically and with the momentum from the three syllables.

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    Louisa makes me think of Sound of Music. While I prefer Louisa by a mile to Lucy, I actually think Lucy sounds better with Annabelle.

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