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    Have I gone nutty? Are Lucy and Molly similar?

    A friend of mine just had a little girl nn'd Lucy.
    I told my SO that it fit and when he asked what I would have guessed I said "something like Molly".
    He thought I was crazy that I felt that Lucy wasn't too far off base and that I think Molly and Lucy are similar.

    Am I nuts? Or does he (and others) not see the all-American, sweet, 1950s , nn-name connection that links the two in my mind.
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    I think they have similar style, but not too close. Molly, Lucy and Ruby all sound like a triplet set for me - nickname-y, vintage and spunky.

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    Yeah, you're a nut! I had my suspicions...

    I can see why you think they have the same vibe, but they don't to me. Molly is a warm, sunny autumny name; thin wool scarves and red and orange leaves falling off the trees. Lucy is white shimmering snow and icicles in a big spooky forest.
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    All-American, sweet, 1950s , nn-name you hit the nail on the head.
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    I see the similarities.

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