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    Nico.....give me an awesome middle name

    DH is really pushing Nico for DS #2, I'm still on the fence about it. It just sounds so foreign (don't know if that's the right word). Anyways, I'm having the hardest time with a MN! I don't even have one idea for a middle. So, give me some awesome MN ideas that could possibly persuade me to go with this name. Thanks!

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    I think something 3+ syllables would work better with Nico. Nico Benjamin. Nico Sebastian. Nico Tobias. Nico Alexander. Nico Alaric. Nico Atticus. Nico Samuel. Nico Elijah. Nico Elyan. Nico Elias. Nico Matthias. Nico Isaiah. Nico Jeremy. One syllable names also work, but may not sound as great. Nico George. Nico Fox. Nico Wolf. Nico Lex. Nico Brent. Nico Ren. Nico Blue. Nico Dan. Hope that's helped a little. I do like Nico, but as a nickname for Nicolai. If you don't like the foriegn-ness of it you could always do Nicholas nn Nico.
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    Thanks for the ideas! That's the thing, we would just do straight up Nico. Neither one of us sees the sense in giving him a name such as Nicholas or Nikolai, if we're only going to call him Nico.

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    Nico Alexander, Nico hunter .... Humm those 2 are prob my fav.
    They are also .. William , Liam , Christopher , Rhys ... Good luck

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