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    MN for Clementine - Louise, Grace, Amelia or Lily?!!

    I am rather stuck with a MN for Clementine...

    Clementine Louise (my middle name is Louise as is my mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers etc.)

    Clementine Lily (my husband's grandmothers name & we adore the name Lily)

    Clementine Grace (no family history however we both ADORE the name Grace)

    Clementine Amelia (again, no family history however we both love the name...) is this combination a little pretentious ?!

    If we're going with family history - I prefer Lily to Louise however I feel Clementine Louise sounds better & Lily is becoming very popular!

    Clementine Grace is probably my favourite however family tradition is always a nice touch, especially with a MN.

    My mother doesn't mind if we don't use Louise as a MN.

    Any suggestions / alternatives would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    My favourites are Clementine Lily And Clementine Louise and that is Family ties aside!! Grace is so overused in the middle spot pretty though it is and Amelia is also very popular! I like that Louise is your middle name as well as your grandmothers name it will give your daughter that special tie to you... And For that reason my vote goes for Clementine Louise!!

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    I love Clementine Louise with the family history. Clementine Grace sounds beautiful too. I know Grace is overused in the middle, but that's because it works with so many names.

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    Definitely Clementine Louise! And what a bonus with the familial significance Also love Clementine Lily in that regard.

    Unless you're Australian you might not have heard of her, but Rachel Griffiths already has a Clementine Grace. So it kind of feels "been there done that" for me.

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    Thank you all for your replies!

    I am Australian & I didn't know Rachel Griffiths has a daughter Clementine Grace & do agree because of that that is has been "done".

    I love the sound of Clementine Louise Lily & had not thought of using both. The only issue is that if we have a second girl down the track I would want to use whichever MN we don't use for Clementine..

    Clementine Louise has won thus far.

    Thank you all.

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