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    Annabel and Scarlett! Beautiful, beautiful names together

    Best Wishes x

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    Love Scarlett with Annabel! They're both classy but also popular in the modern era. Imogen is amazing but more daring than Annabel and I don't really like Evelyn (but I admit it would go well with Annabel). Scarlett and Annabel would be cute together because they both have a range of nickname options (Carly/Lettie and Anna/Belle/Annie)
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    Looking at the names themselves, Imogen Patricia, Scarlett Patricia, and Evelyn Patricia, I think I prefer Scarlett Patricia. However, many of us very rarely call people by their full name. With Annabel, I think Evelyn is a great sister name. Annabel and Evelyn. Annie and Evie. I also think Evelyn Patricia is a nice name, albeit sounding a bit "old lady" but not dated more chic. I would suggest Evelyn Patricia. Good Luck.
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    Annabel is gorgeous!

    I love Scarlett, I think it pairs beautifully with Annabel.
    And Scarlett Patricia flows really well.
    I also really like Evelyn, but I think Scarlett is my favourite

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    Cair Paravel :)
    With the mn Patricia, I like Evelyn better, but I like the idea of Imogen Patricia better with Annabel. I like Evelyn and Imogen just about equally as names--I think both would honestly be lovely. Good luck!
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