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    August and Rufus

    A lot of the boys names we like have the US sound: August, Atticus, Fergus, Rufus
    Now I would never use Fergus, Atticus and Rufus together could you pair August with one of them, Rufus being our favorite, since they end on a different sound even though they share a prominent sound? Or since they share the prominent US sound you should only use one? My gut says they are too similar and we have other names we like more: Jasper and Simon. I'm just looking for some opinions?
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    I think that August and Rufus can work together as the endings are different.
    I wouldn't pair August and Atticus together because of the similar A and t sounds.
    I wouldn't pair August and Fergus together because of the g in the middle.
    Jasper and Simon work well with all of these names.
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    I think August and Rufus are cute together. I was actually kind of happy to see them together when I fist noticed your thread. I thought maybe you met siblings with these names. They are quite similar, but I think it actually works in this case.
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