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    Had my mother not been completely set on Grace Elisabeth, I would have been Megan Grace, which is what my dad wanted. My brother was almost John Robert instead of Grant Robert (He wishes they would have named him John), and it would have been Claire if he had been a girl.
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    I'm a Laura, and other names my parents considered were Sarah, Jennifer and Claire. I don't like Claire much, though I wouldn't have minded being a Sarah or a Jennifer. My parents only liked popular names for all of us, it seems.
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    My mom wanted to name me and my sister Margrethe and Ingrid. Instead we're $igne and Anna, which are much more common here in Denmark. If she had named us Margrethe and Ingrid it would seem as she was overly-royalist though, since the Queen of Denmarks name is Margrethe and her mother was Ingrid.

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    So interesting to read! Love this thread.
    If I wasn't (don't want to write my real name), I would have been either Oksana, Mary or Natalie/Natalia. Honestly, I wish I was an Oksana or Natalie, Mary is a family name and I don't really like the idea of using the exact name in one family. My name *$$$* is much more popular than Oksana and a bit more popular than Natalie but I go by Victoria/Vicki now so I consider it my real name.

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    A further question, at what point did your parents change their mind and did they ever use one of your potential nmes for a younger sibling?
    Maya Lakshmi
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