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    I like River on a girl. It reminds me of Firefly and Doctor Who. I will say your combo really makes me think of Doctor Who. River Song, Amelia Pond (I know you have Amelie, but it's just so close in aesthetics!) and Rose Tyler

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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    River is one unisex name that I like on girls and boys.
    I dislike most boyish names on girls, but I think cuz it is a word name, it doesn't bother me. I don't feel that it has a gender.
    Your combo is quite pretty.
    ^^ I agree 100%
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    Initially I think it would be more of a boy name, but I think it still works for a girl. Pretty combo, too!
    ~ Larissa

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyninja143 View Post
    River Amelia Rose is beautiful. Though, Rose has always been a filler middle name to me.
    Lovely, and VERY Dr. Who
    I am a big Dr. Who fan, and I had three pet rats (at the same time) named: River Song, Amelia, and Wendy Rose

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    River is one of my favorite names! I love River on both genders, but I definitely prefer it on a girl. River Amelie Rose is lovely!
    nineteen & renaming myself soon

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