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Thread: Independence!

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    I think this name is unique,has great meaning and an adorable nn Indie.
    What do you think?
    It's usable?
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    I think there are better ways to get to Indie. Indigo and Indiana are two that I immediately think of. I'd group Independance with names such as Destiny and Heaven - I don't rate these names very highly - and would feel sorry for the child who got stuck with Independance. She wouldn't even be able to spell it until she was in secondary school!
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    I actually think Independence would work, though I might be more inclined to put it in the middle. But if people are using Temperance, Constance, etc. why not Independence?

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    I know an adorable little girl named Independence so it's doable
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    I don't think Independence would work as a name. All I think of is Independence Day. There are much better ways to get the nn Indie such as Indigo and Indiana that the poster milliemm pointed out.
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