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Thread: Milena

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    What are your thoughts on Milena? I have always really liked it and I know that the traditional nn for it, Mila, is skyrocketing up the popularity list, but I wouldn't use it, and I feel like Mila as a nn for Milena is not that obvious.

    Milena is new to the list at 965. I'm not one to care for popularity that much anyway.

    Do you like it? If you could tell me why or why not that would be great.

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    EDIT: How do you pronounce it?
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    Milena is a pretty Slavic name with an exotic European flair. I pronounce it "mee-LAY-nuh". I also like the French version Mylène (mee-len).
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    I really think Milena is beautiful! I pronounce it mu-lee-nuh.

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    Mee-LAY-nuh. I really like it.
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    I like it, but it just sounds so foreign to me. If you used it, I would want to know about your background, because I would assume you were foreign

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