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    Philip - Is Phil avoidable?

    I really love Philip for a boy..Its regal, sophisticated, masculine, and not too common where I live.

    Only problem is that I really hate the nickname Phil! What do you think of Philip, and do you think Phil is avoidable?

    Also..Phillip or Philip?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have known several Phillips and none of them ever went by Phil. but that doesn't mean it won't happen. I hated the nn Chris, but when my son was around 3 or 4 he decided he liked it so that is what he is called.
    I prefer the spelling Phillip
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    I know a Philip who goes by Phil, but I think it's avoidable. If anyone wants an alternate nickname, I think Pip or Flip is nice. And I like both spellings.
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    I was married to a Philip. He abhors Phil and no one ever called him that. He was named after his grandfather who also only went by Philip. I think you can definitely avoid it.
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    Surprisingly, I don't know any Philips/Phils so I can't say for sure but I guess it's avoidable. Like you meet somebody in the market and he/she asks his name, you say: "He's Philip. Not Phil but Philip". And politely remind everybody who calls him Phil that her prefers(you prefer) to go by Philip.
    And I personally like this name spelled with double "l" though I think that's just me.

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