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    Dec 2012
    I like alliteration if it's done correctly. Coralie Carter sounds fine!

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    Feb 2013
    I think Coralie Carter sounds great, ignore MIL it's beautiful and the alliteration sounds really fresh.

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    Coralie is wonderful, so I hate to be a naysayer.
    The alliteration is Cor and Car, not just C and C. Caroline Carter, Corithia Carther, Corisande Carter - all just a hair too alliterated I think.
    Something slightly less alliterated, like Claudia Carter or Catherine Carter sounds stronger to me.
    Coralie Carter is really sweet for a little girl, but not the most serious name imo.

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    My maiden name was an alliteration and I kind of miss it! I think it makes a name pop, alliteration names are memorable.

    My parents were actually worried it would sound funny, but decided that it worked out well enough for Caroline Kennedy, so why not.

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    I personally dislike it - our surname begins with J and whenever I try pairing it with a J first name, it sounds silly to my ears - however, I doubt I'd even notice if someone else had both names beginning with the same letter.

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