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    I feel pretty confident that most porn stars are probably extremely interesting people. Now I want to do some sort of elaborate research study on the correlation between unusual names and proclivities towards sex work, lol.
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    I think you should, cause then I don't need to!! I agree with you actually, people who don't care about what almost everyone in the world think of them with that level of self exposure has got to be fascinating.
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    Would be interesting to figure out (though you'd probably find that many sex workers originally had very different names and probably boring ones. lol).
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    I wanted to give my son 2 middle names, but when they brought me the forms in the hospital, there was only room for one. Derp. Anyway, I don't think it's tacky or strange to give your child 2 middles, and it seems to be increasingly common.
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    I used two, BUT the boys' second middle is my surname (my husband and I have different surnames). So it's: FIRST -- MIDDLE -- MY SURNAME AS SECOND MIDDLE -- HUSBAND'S SURNAME

    This seemed like a better option than hyphenating to me. I wouldn't have done two middles otherwise, as it's a bit much in my opinion.
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