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    I don't think it really matters how name middle names you have. I was reading some of the Australian birth announcements and it's a mixture of both 2 mn and 1 mn. I suppose generally people from wealthier backgrounds tend to use 2 or more mn's.
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    I think two middle names is fine! I know a lot of people who have 2. My parents went a little over board with my siblings and I, we each have 3 middle names! I think as long as the names sound good together and you have one last name (we had two! That's a whole lot of names!) it should be fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    Are 2 middle names okay?
    Yes. What's wrong with 2?! I wouldn't think any less of anyone for having 2 MNs. I don't attach the 2 MN thing to a social class and I wouldn't think it weird if someone's the only child in the sibset/family with 2 MNs. Some parents just can't choose between/like so many names, want to honour multiple people, want to avoid unfortunate initials or want better flow. There's nothing wrong with that. However, it would start getting a little awkward when the names are too long and/or there's a double-barrelled surname, e.g. Alexander John Charles Smith works fine for me. Maximilian Willoughby Bartholomew MacAllister-Buckingham, however, is a bit too much.

    I'd have to know what names are in consideration to say whether they work or not. Cyntheria, Dwyn and Violet seem fine together. I don't know the surname but Cyntheria Violet Dwyn sounds best to me
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    We plan on using two middles, as there's some history of that on both sides; and, more importantly, we'd really like to honour as many people as possible. Plus, I much prefer the 'flow' of it. I think any British class associations are fairly irrelevant, I'm strongly against the notion of anyone needing to know their place, I'd much rather everyone just do what they fancy doing; for us, that's two middles.

    I'd probably rethink that if we had a very long or double-barrelled surname, though. & for ease, we'll probably only use one mn for everyday paperwork.

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    @ottilie, yeah I have no idea in the US. my best friend growing up had 2 middle names and I just thought her parents were weird, lol.

    I know that Cytherea is the more common transcription, but in my strange little mind Cytheria makes it easier to figure out how to pronounce, and I love the -ia ending. (also the quite-famous porn star spells her name with the -ea ending. Maybe that's my true aversion, haha).
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