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    Multiple Middle Name Rules

    So, I keep getting very negative reactions when I propose 2 middle names for my children to my friends.

    What do you all think about this? Are 2 middle names okay? Maybe only if they are both short? Or maybe if your last name is really short? What rules do you personally use regarding this subject?

    (and if you're curious, I keep going back and forth between Cytheria Dwyn and Cytheria Violet - so why not Cytheria Dwyn Violet?)
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    I think two middle names is okay, but a lot of people think it's pretentious, especially if they're from a family tradition of using only one middle name. I don't think there re any hard and fast rules regarding name length. If the names all sound good together, that's fine by me!
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    I love two middle names and I don't consider there to be any rules regarding name length or anything - as long as you love the name and it sounds good to you.
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    Well, we're doing two middles because it's tradition in my fiance's family. Honestly, I think it's a little tacky if you use two middle names when it's not normal in your family, but we've got a lot of these unwritten rules in England. Two middles have usually been in use in upper class families, and you're not really supposed to try to sound better than you are. I don't care about the flow that much (I'm weird, I know), I find the complete randomness of syllables charming.

    I do really think Cytheria Dwyn Violet is very pretty (I always preferred the spelling Cytherea though).
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    I plan to do two middles because I want to honour both sides of the family. My niece has two middle names and so does my mother. However I don't give one fk if people think I'm tacky or pretentious for giving my kids two middle names when it hasn't been done much in my family already. They can reserve their eye-rolling for people who name their kids Anal or Adolf-Hitler.
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