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    I think that Irmgard and Norbury summed up the english-language perspective nicely. I'd hit the "like" button multiple times with both if I could.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    I think Embla is exquisite. Being an Emma, I can say that Embla is a name close to mine that I wouldn't mind having. Powerful mythological old Norse name, and it sounds like the word "emblem" which makes me think of signs, badges, medals, coats of arms, things sure of themselves.. A name that means name, in a way.
    I totally agree - it's very beautiful and rich. I don't think many people will get it, because most people don't care about name meanings or history. It's not Emma, so people will either love it or hate it. This is a name that deserves to be used, however, and regardless of it being understood, or used in Europe, I would use it because you love it. (please vote!)

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    Personally, I absolutely adore Embla and along with Saga, it's my favourite female name from the Norse mythology. Here in Denmark, you can hardly say that Embla is particularly popular (sadly). However, its counterpart, Ask, is growing rapidly among the Danish hipsters, the chic Danes and other good people (hippies? I don't know what you call them ...). To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing Danish that makes the name sound weird or give bad associations to it, so I don't really know why it isn't (as) popular (as I think it should be). I do think it might all of a sudden get discovered and become a huge hit (much like what's happening with Saga right now). I'm stoked you like the name though, it's absolutely phenomenal IMO
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    It is popular in Sweden, it's in the top 200 (peaked in 2007, at 132nd place) and I see Emblas in birth announcement quite often. Definitely nothing wrong with it from a Swedish perspective, quite the opposite.

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    With Embla, the sound just isn't appealing at all. It doesn't really sound like a name to me, just the "blah" sound is really strong at the end. Like someone else said, it sounds like "em, blah blah" to me.
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