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    Exclamation Hildegarde??? Have I gone crazy?

    I have a crush on the name Hildegarde. However, Nameberry defines it as "Unfortunate name that evokes a caricature of heavy, plodding, Teutonic stodginess." That doesn't sound good, but I still love the name. What do you think? Would it be acceptable in the real world? If I gave that name to a daughter (no, I'm not having a child, just a what if). I think that Hildegarde Mabel/Hildegarde Maeve would be beautiful. Have I really gone crazy? :P

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    Hildegard is not practical, IMHO. What about Hilary, or even Hilde/Hildy?
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    As a middle maybe?
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    I know a woman named Hildegard who's in her sixties. She hates her name! She thinks it's ugly and doesn't work well in Australia and...I think she's right! I like Augusta Lee's suggestions of alternatives.
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    I see where you're coming from - it could be pretty, on the right girl. But, I would never give it to a real baby.
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