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    It's one of those names that looks pretty on paper but would be difficult on a real child. It sounds a bit clunky and awkward. I feel like it belongs either on a book character or in the middle name spot, maybe. I don't like Hildy or Hilda though.

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    I like it (I have something for old, clunky, german names, heck, I like the name Gertrude), but I prefer Hildemara. If you used it as a middle it wouldn't have to be with a German sounding first name. With names like Hildegarde I try for combos with a more "pretty" (for lack of a better discription, not that I find Hildegarde ugly) sounding middle or fist name to balance out the clunkyish first name so the girl would have something to fall back on if she hated Hildegarde. btw, I love Hillie, Hildie, and Hilda as nn!

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    Please don't do that to a child. No offense but being a kid is hard enough without a name like that.

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