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    First Name For Crispin?

    I've re-fallen in love with Crispin as a middle name. The thing is I have no ideas as to what I would use. OH and I both like Isaac and James but other than that our tastes are bit different. He likes things like Arthur, Dante, Leon, Marcus and Virgil. I like Isaiah, Simon and Tate. I'm thinking maybe Anthony Crispin, Josiah Crispin, and maybe Marcus Crispin.

    Opinions? Ideas?

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    Crispin is great! I like Arthur Crispin.

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    I really like Crispin a lot. Think it'd be a great FN option too (Crispin James would be cool. I don't like James Crispin much. I don't like Isaac too much with Crispin, though do think Crispin would, once again, make a better FN with Isaac as the MN). From your mentioned names I like Arthur Crispin and Anthony Crispin (my favorite stand alones from your list are Crispin and Dante, but I don't actually feel they go that well together for some reason). I originally really liked Marcus Crispin, but after saying it a few times, I feel the 'c' sounds in the two names make it flow together a little strange. How about, with Crispin in the MN spot: Anton, Antoine, Evander, Darius, Marcellus
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    I love Evander Crispin but our last name ends in -er which stinks because I love so many -er names for boys. I've played with Anton before. Does Anton Crispin Baker sound okay or would Anthony Crispin Baker sound better?

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    I would pick Anton Crispin Baker (or Antoine) over Anthony Crispin Baker. Baker is a pretty commonplace surname, it can handle an uncommon first. If you like it, I think it works.

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