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    Walter-Mania In One Brazilian Family

    A Brazilian woman named Erotides Brandao has actually given the name Walter to all of her 15 children (irregardless of gender) as a tribute to their father, Walter. To simplify things, the couple decided to add traditional female and male names to the end of Walter. The first child, a daughter, was called Walterlucia and the other fourteen are called the following: Walterlivia, Walterlenia, Walterlonia, Walterlacia, Walterluzia, Walterluana, Walterangelina, Waltersilviana, Walteremanuel, Walterluis, Walteroliver, Waltermarcelo, Walterlicinio and Walterfernando.

    I guess this is similar to boxer George Foreman naming all of his sons George. As a Nameberry, I have three thoughts:

    1) If I had the privilege of naming fifteen children, I wouldn't waste the opportunity.
    2) Isn't giving Walter to one child enough of a tribute?
    3) Doesn't the mother deserve the same tribute?
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    Brazillians and their crazy names... I remember reading about a family where all the kids were named after French numerals (Un, Deux,.., up to Vingt-Trois).

    As for (3), it probably has to do with Walter being seen by the mother as a "sophisticated" and "exotic" English name - while hers must have been a pain in the neck to grow up with! And the kids have the mother's last name too, so she's honored in that way.
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    This is too funny to be a joke. (Sorry 15 kiddos).
    Reminds me of a friend where every women in her family for the past 5 generations has the same fn and they all go by their mn's. You'd think the original name bearer was a super-women but no, just an average women.
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