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    @rosebyanyothername - thank you sincerely! I really do appreciate the kind wishes.

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    For all the ladies who could benefit by going to a chiropractor: try Groupon. You can get chiropractic services 50-75% off, it's a crazy good deal. Same with massage, facials, aromatherapy, just about anything you can think of.
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    @kkrvf so sorry to hear about your screening scare, but I do know that lots of people screen high risk and have perfectly healthy babies. My friend is one. Best, best of luck.

    PS not only do we share the same due date and taste in baby names, but I have relatives in St Albert. Random.
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    Re: pregnancy headaches: many women experience them because of vasodilation in pregnancy. It's part of the same phenomenon that makes you feel light-headed if you stand up too quickly. Basically, your blood vessels all over your body relax and open up. Instead of being like pencils they're like water pipes (not literally of course). Even though you have *more* blood in your body than you did before pregnancy, the blood vessels dilate faster than the blood volume grows, so the pipes are more empty-looking. Also a good deal of the extra blood you're making is going to the placenta/uterus as it grows, and is shunted away from everything else including your head. Although some women tolerate this just fine, for other women the decreased blood perfusion pressure in the head causes pain.

    The remedy is anything that is a vasoconstrictor-- causes the blood vessels to squeeze back down to pencil-size. For most people the magic bullet is caffeine- and if anyone is feeling leery about drinking caffeine, please refer to our coffee-drinkers thread. Coffee consumption at 7 or fewer cups per day is safe in pregnancy; no effect is seen unless daily use is 8 cups or more. I suggest trying it (the caffeine in a can of coke is much less than that in a shot of espresso).
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    @blade, thanks for the info! I guess it's time to move back to black tea.

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