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    How would you react?

    EDIT: Thank you to everyone who responded. I think I've completely come down from this one and I am so sorry to plaster my issues all over nameberry. I know it isn't okay, and I promise to try harder to recognize when I'm being unreasonable next time. Just because so many people asked, I was talking about the cut outs on the cap, you know, the spaces. It looks a little like a peace sign. I appreciate all of the support from the wonderful people on this forum.

    So, I can feel that I'm becoming a bit irrational, so I want to know what other people would do.

    Ivan still eats a few packets every day, mostly for convenience and variety. I opened one tonight and could tell that it didn't really break the seal, so I looked at the cap and ask of the plastic things were intact, but what's fading me out is that there was a weird powder on the inside of the cutouts. Now, to most people, like my dad and SO, this means that something spilled on it and they brushed it off instead of rinsing it. To me, it means that there's some psycho carefully dusting the inside of the cutouts with some horribly dangerous substance. Now, I'm still in a place where I can recognize that that's extraordinarily unlikely, but I'm feeling pretty confused as to why SO was perfectly fine to just put it in a bag to take back to the store. He didn't want me to call the doctor or any dirty if hazmat thing because it's probably fine, and I'm struggling with that. I agree with him, but I just don't know. I didn't feed it to the baby because of the seal, but I'm still pretty worried that something's scary here. What would you do?

    This is why I haven't been very active lately. My head's not really right and I hate making this kind of post.
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    These days food is sealed exceedingly well, and it would be obvious if it had been tampered with. Your SO was right to return the item to the store.
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    What packets does he eat? Inside what cutouts?
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    Could you open another packet and see if that one's the same?
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    What packets does he eat? Inside what cutouts?
    I'm with you. I don't really understand what's being discussed. Maybe it's a regional/country thing?
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