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    Middle name for Jasper that starts with W or F

    I'm trying to come up with a strong middle name for Jasper that starts with W or F. Thoughts?

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    Jasper Willam
    Jasper Wayne
    Jasper Wood
    Jasper Winston
    Jasper Wilfred/Wilf

    Jasper Francis
    Jasper Frederick
    Jasper Ford

    I don't know your style, if you want classic or more modern, so I've tried to do a mix. All I'd say is avoid an -er ending name - Jasper Wilbur or Jasper Fletcher, for example, don't flow at all.

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    I do like Jasper William. Our last name starts with F and ends with N -- I realize the double F might be weird, but we are trying to honor loved ones. Like you said about the double -er, I think a middle name that ends in N would be awkward with our last name.

    We were also thinking about Wade, Wyatt, and Ferris. Although, hearing about Ferris Bueller (who I do love!) forever might drive me insane.

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    Jasper William was my first thought! Also, Jasper Frederick.
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    I like Jasper Frederick a lot.
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