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    You can take the help from Emma's Diary for more name suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caroline147 View Post
    Of your list, my favourite is Amabel. But my favourite -bel name, by far, is Mirabel. I think the sounds balance each more, so it's not as overtly frilly but is still feminine.
    This exactly. Amabel from your list but Mirabel is my favourite.
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    Annabelle and Bellamy are my favorites. And of those, Annabelle seems to fit your naming style better.

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    Thanks Berries!
    I just don't know. I really like Isabella but it's super common and I have so many unigue names on my list. :-(
    Mirabel is also very sweet but I prefer Amabel
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    From your list, my fave is Amabel - sweet, delicate and vintage charm!
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